Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Summer Holiday

Visitors may have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity on this blog of late.

This is really because there hasn’t been much Group Chairman activity of late. Or indeed any Group Chairman activity at all.

It’s all down to unfortunate timing really.

I was approached to take on the role after out AGM back in late May. Our District Commissioner (who is acting GSL) and I exchanged a few e-mail as I wanted to establish what exactly the terms of reference are - Bring a complete newbie I wanted to make sure that I understood the role and that I was confident that I could do what was expected.

We kind of came to a settled agreement and then the DC went off on holiday. I then didn’t hear anything else for a few weeks until the last Cubs meeting before the summer break when I had a chat with the Group Secretary who happened to be there when I picked my eldest up.

The Group Sec is again someone just helping out as his real ‘Job’ is County Secretary.

His view was that I should pick up the reigns after being introduced at the next Executive meeting which is scheduled for some time in September.

Part of my hesitance about agreeing to take on the role was pretty much down to the fact that there isn’t a permanent GSL or Group Secretary. It’s probably not a problem if you know the ropes but for the uninitiated it’s a little daunting.

So September it is.

In the meantime I did suggest to the Secretary that perhaps we should introduce a more formal system of requests for funding from the uniformed sections. Well actually just introduce a system is probably more accurate. The idea being that these can be tabulated and then approved or deferred as projects by the Executive Group.

Traceability and accountability and all those good things. I think it’s important that the parents can easily see where the money goes. And that where possible fundraising is targeted towards identifiable projects.

I also thought it might be a good idea for the members of the Exec to be more fully briefed as to their responsibilities as Charitable Trustees. If one is potentially liable I don’t think it’s unreasonable that those involved are aware of that fact and what the Charity Commissions guidance is.

The acting Group Sec probably humouring me said he would send an e-mail to everyone asking for bids to get the process rolling – I don’t have everyone’s contact details yet.

Ahh the professional bureaucrat on a busman’s holiday.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Chris Hawes of the 9th Watford posted an interesting article about the importance of fundraising on the 19th July..

He rather pipped me to the post (no pun intended) on this as I had been thinking about a similar blog myself but he does rather seems to have covered all of the aspects.

But slipping into proud parent mode for the last few months the Cub of the house has been planting seeds, potting on and selling the resultant plants at the bottom of our drive way.

And yesterday at the last meeting before the summer holidays he handed his Akela a cheque for £60.00, the profits from the exercise.

Hand on heart it wasn’t pushy parent stuff – He pretty much came up with the scheme on his own.

I hope he decides to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive and creates enough wealth to keep Mrs। G and myself in the manner we would like to be accustomed to in our dotage.

Update - Nick over at Porthill has just posted a Podcast also on the subject of fundraising. Well worth a listen.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Before I really get started.

A quick thank you to the visitors that have come here so far.

Starting a new blog probably feels a little like your average six year old does when they start Beavers. A little bit bewildering but with the promise of an awful lot of fun in prospect

The one thing that I have kind of learnt from previous blogging attempts is the importance of linking. It’s a real help with building up a list of sites to visit and if you’re really lucky it might mean you get a few reciprocated and a few visitors coming in your direction too।

So if you have happened upon this site and would like your blog or Group website linked to please do let me know in the comments and I’ll add you to the list।


Saturday, 4 July 2009

What's it all about?

A good question.

I recently attended the annual general meeting of my sons local Scout Group – He is a Cub who went up from Beavers about six months ago. Previously I have helped the group on an ad hoc basis and indeed served as a representative for the Beaver section on the groups executive committee. An appointment which naturally ceased when our son moved up.

Anyway what made this meeting slightly more memorably from my point of view was being approached to become the Group Chairman. This seems to be a job within the group that possibly requires a little more attention than turning up once a quarter to help tidy the grounds around the Scout Hut. So I did a little research and ended up embroiled in the rules of the Scouting movement and the rules governing charitable organisations. Neither the easiest of reads.

I also asked our District Commissioner and several others for guidance on several issues. And indeed they were terribly helpful but it occurred to me that it would be helpful to have a source of ongoing support and help that was independent of the Group and District.

And that’s where the idea for this blog came from. I reasoned that it might be a good idea to have a place where anyone in the situation I (gladly) found myself in could exchange ideas and thoughts. Chairmen, Exec Members, Adult Helpers and even the odd uniformed member from time to time. A place to share innovative fund raising ideas and other management issues that would benefit everyone involved.

Having authored several blogs before this seemed like a natural medium to me. So I though I would create a blog and see if it generated any interest.

Which of course it probably won’t.

But just supposing – well one has to be prepared doesn’t one?

Any thoughts or suggestions on the project would be appreciated. Also if any other Scouters or supporters have their own blogs please let me know and I will open this site up for them to be co authors also.

I don’t want this to be my site or my project (it may go down like a wet tinder box anyway) but it may be of use.

Please do let me know your thoughts.